Frequently Asked Questions

POCKET VENTA can run on the following specifications:
Minimum Specifications
  • Device Application
    • Smartphone and Tablets
      • Android 5.0
      • RAM: 1.5GB
      • Screen Resolution: 720 x 1280
      • Screen Size: Minimum 5”
  • Web Portal
    • Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87
    • Firefox Quantum 60.0.2
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0
  1. Pocket Venta can also run on Wi-Fi only, Android tablets.
  2. Currently, Pocket Venta does not yet run on iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad.
There will be an available demo application that can be downloaded via Google play. You can try the available features for 30 days.
Pocket Venta application is currently not yet approved by BIR, but, the company’s direction is to have the application approved by the BIR this year.
Pocket Venta application will work with either Globe or Smart, postpaid or prepaid with mobile data of 300MB or higher allowance per month.

Here are the estimated data consumption per month:
Description Estimated Quantity/Month Estimated Data Frequency Total Estimated Data Consumed
Images per Product 100 200kb Once 20,000 kb
Transactions (Sales, Inventory, Delivery, etc) 100 5kb Daily 15,000 kb
Photo/Audio for Senior Citizen 10 500kb Daily 150,000 kb
Total Estimated Consumption 185,000 kb = 185 MB
Venta application sends or receives data everytime the user does the following: Login, post transactions and checks online reports. During login, all the updates such as new SKUs, new pricing, new promos, etc are pushed to the device.
The Pocket Venta application can work with other Bluetooth printers available in the market, however, we recommend to have the printer tested compatibility with the device and the application first.
If a device with a Pocket Venta application is damaged, the license can be transferred to another device via the webtool.
Yes, multiple devices per store is possible with the Pocket Venta application. To check total inventory per store, the devices should be online when checking the Inventory Report.
Yes, the Pocket Venta application can accommodate multiple franchises on 1 account. The client has to define what products fall under which franchise and what stores are under which franchise. All are configurable via the webtool application.
If a device is lost or stolen, posted transactions can still be viewed on the webtool. User can unlink the license on the stolen/lost device and assign it to another device. Once user logs in to the new device, the user will be able to see the posted transactions for the day. Note that unposted transactions cannot be retrieved anymore.
Please contact your supplier to check if the screen can still be replaced. To continue using the Pocket Venta application, user can unlink the license on the device that was damaged or has broken screen and assign it to a new device.
All transactions can be downloaded from the webtool in CSV format. These reports can be uploaded to the accounting software. Note that there might be adjustments needed in terms of the format of the report, depending on accounting software used.
The Pocket Venta can handle multiple shifts per license/device. When the shift changes, the current user can turnover the cash to the next user via the CASH FLOW module. Both users have to sign their signatures as proof of the cash turnover.
All expenses can be recorded via the CASH FLOW module under the CASH OUT sub-module. User can indicate what type of expense and the amount of the expense.
Deposits can be recorded via the CASH FLOW module under the CASH OUT sub-module. User can indicate deposit details such as Name of the bank, branch, amount of deposit, date and time of deposit.
Currently, the application can record Paymaya or GCash payments. Note, however, that the application is not yet fully integrated with Paymaya and GCash. The user can input the payment thru their Paymaya or GCash facility and record the payment made through the Pocket Venta application.
Yes, both the senior citizen or PWD (person with disability) discounts are automatically computed in the Pocket Venta application. The discount is automatically applied this to the highest valued ordered item or combination of food and drink.

Additional information such as Senior Citizen ID and name, supporting image and audio can also be captured.
These are the promos that can be defined in the Pocket Venta application webtool:
  1. Buy X, Get Y
    • Buy a family-size pizza and get a free umbrella
    • Buy 1 Large Fries, get 1 Large Fries for free (B1G1)
  2. Straight Discount by percent
    • Get a family-size pizza for 10% off
    • Buy large fries for 5% off
  3. Straight Discount by amount
    • Get a family-size pizza less Php50
    • Buy large fries less Php20
  4. Fixed Price
    • Get a family-size pizza for Php499
    • Buy large fries for Php199 only
User can still record transactions even if there is no signal in the area. All of the created transactions are queued for posting when signal is already available.

Note: however, if the user has not synchronized, updates such as price, SKU list and promos will not be received on the device.
Yes, the Delivery Module will monitor the incoming stocks from the warehouse or commissary.